• HERA Signature

    Experience the tranquility of mental relaxation, and the release of tension in your head's meridians. Enjoy a rejuvenating facial acupressure and lifting massage. Your skin will be treated to a refreshing cleanse, followed by a dual shampooing and herbal water circulation for your head. Complete the experience with our thorough rinse, and blow dry of your hair.

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  • HERA Ultimate

    Enjoy the serenity of mental relaxation and the release of head meridian tension. Further unwind with head meridian relaxation. Relieve tired eyes and reduce dark circles with a soothing steam eye mask, then indulge in a neck, and should massage. Along with a facial acupressure and lifting massage, followed by a refreshing face cleanse and dual shampoo treatment.

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  • Nourishing Shampoo

    Indulge in a soothing spa experience beginning with scented mental relaxation and the release of head meridian tension. Then, let your cares melt away with neck, and shoulder relaxation. Refresh your skin with a face cleanse and treat your hair to a dual shampooing and conditioning. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage, followed by a thorough rinse, gentle pat dry, and the finishing touch of hair blow dry.

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Step into Relaxation with a Visit to Hera Head Spa

What to Expect at Hera Head Spa

The daily grind can strain your mental and physical well-being, causing stress and fatigue. Hera Head Spa's "Mind Treatment" therapy, blending acupressure and massage, enhances circulation, muscle relaxation, and meridian balance. This promotes serotonin production, improving mental and emotional states, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and overall health. "Mind Treatment" also boosts concentration, emotional balance, memory retention, and relieves headaches. For relaxation, visit Hera Head Spa in Mansfield TX 76063 , Flower Mound TX 75028 , Frisco TX or Dallas, TX. We offer a range of services from Basic and Nourishing Shampoos to Hera Signature treatments and Facial services, all provided by our dedicated staff prioritizing hygiene and affordability. Let Heira Head Spa care for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress for the Spa?

For the service, you will need to change into our spa clothes so we can get to your neck and shoulders. We recommend wearing a top and pants rather than a romper or jumpsuit because they are harder to change.

Can I get the Head Spa done at the same time as my friends or family?

Yes, we can accommodate twelve guests at once, but making an appointment in advance is strongly recommended.

Will the Head Spa affect my keratin and color?

Any type of treated hair can use any of our ingredients safely! However, the color or keratin may fade during our detoxification process if you had any chemical treatments performed recently. We suggested clients wait at least 7 days after any sort of hair treatment prior to getting a Head Spa.

Can textured hair be treated with a Head Spa?

Our specialists can work with all types of hair including bald. We do request that we have appropriate access to the scalp since certain types of extensions prevent us from providing services to customers.
*To ensure the best possible outcome, it is important to provide us with unobstructed access to the scalp, we kindly request that customers with extensions or dreadlocks consider removing these prior to receiving our head spa treatment.
*We are not responsible for any damages caused if you chose to get the service while having it on.
*Due to the nature of dreadlocks, braids, and textured or coily hair types; we only offer towel dry or or using a diffuser to blow dry a little bit and brush out instead of blow dry completely.

Is it safe for expecting mothers to try out the Head Spa?

Please DO let us know if you are Expecting! Ingredients in our Head Spa are all-natural and organic, making it totally safe for pregnant clients. However, if you are concerned about being exposed to certain types of oil, please consult first with your doctor and let us know in advance. Also, guests are to lie flat on their backs during the service, so if you are unable to do this, we suggest that you wait until after delivery.

Can I record myself while the service is going on?

Indeed, you can for a few minutes with advance permission; however, we really do ask that you set your phone to quiet mode and don't talk since there will be other clients in the spa room, and if conceivable, put it to the side so you can partake in the experience completely!

348 Matlock Rd, Ste 104,
Mansfield, TX 76063

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1400 Long Prairie Rd, Ste 130,
Flower Mound, TX 75028

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HERA Signature

Experience pure luxury with our HERA Signature service, an 80-minute indulgence that rejuvenates both body and hair. Begin with a scented mental relaxation, setting a soothing atmosphere, and focusing on meridian release for head relaxation. Enjoy neck, shoulder, and nape relaxation, facial acupressure, cleanse, and lifting massage. Two rounds of shampooing ensure thorough hair cleansing, followed by herbal water circulation for added relaxation. Treat your arms, hands, and knuckles to a massage, accompanied by additional herbal water circulation on the head. The dedicated Hair & Scalp Recovery phase provides specialized care, followed by professional drying. Complete your experience with a cup of tea, making HERA Signature a truly holistic and indulgent escape.

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HERA Ultimate

Indulge in the ultimate 90-minute luxury with HERA Unlimited. This unique spa experience combines scented mental relaxation, meridian release for head relaxation, and a soothing steam eye mask for tired eyes and dark circles. Enjoy neck, shoulder, and nape relaxation, facial acupressure, and a lifting massage for rejuvenation. With a face cleanse and double shampooing, your hair is thoroughly cleansed. Herbal water circulation, arm and hand relaxation, and specialized Hair and Scalp Recovery further enhance the experience. Conclude with scalp relaxation, a thorough rinse, and professional hair drying, all while savoring a cup of tea. HERA Unlimited delivers a comprehensive and luxurious journey for both the mind and body.

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