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Hera Head Spa

Nourishing Shampoo (65 mins)

Nourishing Shampoo (65 mins)

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Spanning 65 minutes, the Nourishing Shampoo provides a comprehensive and indulgent experience for both the mind and hair. The journey begins with scented mental relaxation, creating a calming ambiance that sets the stage for relaxation. The service also incorporates meridian unblocking techniques to relieve tension and promote head relaxation. What sets this service apart is the inclusion of neck, shoulder, and nape relaxation, as well as a face cleanse. Two rounds of thorough shampooing are followed by the application of a nourishing conditioner to treat the hair. A scalp massage is a key feature of this service, providing additional relaxation and revitalization. The treatment concludes with a rinse, self drying station are available to use or staff can also help of hair being professionally dried upon customer request while savoring a cup of tea, making this an all-encompassing and luxurious experience.

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